Therapet delights patients at Ninewells

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Patients on wards 5 and 6 at Ninewells were treated to a visit from a very good boy last week.

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Four-year-old Therapet Odi and his human Jim Godfrey from Canine Concern Scotland Trust visited the medicine for the elderly wards as part of the Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) project led by the occupational therapy team.

Senior charge nurse in ward 6 Nicki Hedley said, “It was great to see the patients’ faces light up when they met Odi. It makes such a difference to them to have activities like this and they were speaking about it all day.”

Pets visiting a ward or department can reduce stress and anxiety of patients and interaction with pets provides distraction activities. Pets can also provide a sense of normality in hospital for many patients.

Odi and Jim’s visit was organised by NHS Tayside’s Voluntary Services which has recently signed an agreement with the Therapet service.

The new agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of both organisations, including organisation of visits, risk assessments, volunteer recruitment and checks, and adhering to guidelines.

If you would like to discuss potential visits please contact Voluntary Services on x40136.

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