Ninewells staff work to combat PJ Paralysis

Ninewells staff work to combat PJ Paralysis.jpg

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy staff from Ward 4 at Ninewells have been doing their bit to get patients out of bed and keep moving while in hospital.

The staff hosted an information event to highlight the #EndPJParalysis campaign, which aims to encourage patients, where well enough, to get up out of bed, get dressed and get moving to aid their recovery process.

Bed bound patients lose 1-5% of their muscle strength every day they are in bed. They can also develop skin breakdown, pressure sores, confusion and fatigue. By getting up, dressing and being active, their length of stay can be shortened and patients can maintain their independence.

There’s also extensive evidence that dressing patients in their own clothes is more dignifying and provides a sense of normality.

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