Alert from Counter Fraud Services (CFS)

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CFS has been notified from both NHS Forth Valley and NHS Grampian Health boards of unsolicited telephone calls relating to agency and bank staff.

Multiple NHS sites have been contacted by an individual claiming to be named Steve or Steven. He is informing staff that he is calling from the bank office due to a system problem, and is requesting personal details about bank and agency staff on duty.

Additionally, he has acquired the name of a staff member and appears to be stating this name within his calls. When asked for a contact number, he ends the call immediately or states he will call back later.

There is no clear motive for these calls as yet, however staff have been asked to remain vigilant and not to provide any information unless the caller can be verified.

Action required

  • Staff are being asked to report any similar calls to their line manager and their local bank office.
  • Staff are reminded that no information should be provided to third parties, and any requests should be directed to the appropriate Information Governance lead.

If any NHS Board have provided personal information to an unknown third party, please contact your local Information Governance lead and pass this information to:

Brian Donohoe, Intelligence Manager on 01506 705209 or

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