Promoting use of Care Opinion to understand peoples’ care experiences

NHS Tayside’s Care Experience Alison.pngFeedback Group hosted its first open learning event on 6 February 2020 to share how Care Opinion can be used by teams to understand and improve care experiences.

Care Opinion is an easily accessible, online way for patients and families to share what their care experience has been like. The site enables all people, including those with language difficulties or who do not speak English to engage with this form of feedback.  It offers a safe, moderated online environment where health care staff can hear about experience and provide a response as well as learn from care experiences; make improvements and share those improvements back with the people who posted online. Teams, prior to promoting Care Opinion use, must ensure they have two things in place:

  • A number of people who will read the Care Opinion posts and respond quickly
  • Have a forum in their team where care experiences (complaints , survey data, Care Opinion posts and compliments) can be considered and used to inform quality improvement

Teams can be supported to get started with Care Opinion by Alison Moss, Complaints and Feedback Team Lead and Scottish Health Council Tayside.  If you would like to hear more, please speak to your Clinical Care Group representative on the Care Experience Feedback Group or contact Alison directly

Our next open learning event is on 16th March 2020, 1030-1130, in the Board Room, Level 10, Ninewells Hospital and will focus on how post discharge care experience surveys can be used to understand and learn from care experiences.  Please contact Dr Deborah Baldie for more information.


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