Quit smoking and get active!

MAIN Quit smoking and get active! (1)
Senior health promotion officer Ashleigh Henderson and Ian Hutton, wellbeing manager for Live Active Perth at the event at PRI

Events were held today at PRI and Arbroath Infirmary to help people quit smoking by using physical activity to help cravings.

Staff, patients and visitors were invited to take part in a short instructor-led health walk, and information stands were full of inspiration and guidance to assist smokers on their journey for change.  A similar event also took place last week at Ninewells Hospital.

With the beginning of a New Year, it is the ideal time to make a positive change. The ‘Fight Cravings with Physical Activity’ events were held to raise awareness of how quitting smoking and taking up physical activity can have many positive benefits, as well as how these changes can be included within your already busy day.

MAIN Quit smoking and get active! (2)
Ashleigh Henderson with PRI Health Desk adviser Moira Band
MAIN Quit smoking and get active! (3)
The stand at Arbroath Infirmary

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