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A new learnPro module has been released which aims to increase awareness and knowledge of contraception after childbirth, in order to enable healthcare professionals to discuss this with women before, during and after pregnancy.

This has been developed with support from the Scottish Government to support health boards to achieve the national objective of enhanced postpartum contraception services within maternity care.

Module 1:  includes a general overview of currently available contraceptive methods and their use in the postpartum period.

Module 2: is optional sub-module for completion specifically by those involved in the insertion or aftercare of women following postpartum intrauterine contraception (PPIUC). This will form the theoretical basis for practical training in this technique (where this is available).

The module requires to be retaken every two years. Line managers are required to add this CPD module as Role Mandatory via learnPro Scorecard to ALL staff working in maternity services (midwives, doctors, health visitors). 

To access the module follow the path below.

Staffnet Home | Business Systems | learnPro

Click on ‘Show all eLearning’ then scroll down to ADD the module

For further information on Postpartum Contraception please contact Dr Michelle Cooper

For more information on learnpro please contact:

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