New data command centre launched in NHS Tayside

MAIN New data command centre launched in NHS Tayside (2)
Information lead Jenni Woods gives a demonstration of the new command centre

NHS Tayside has developed a new command centre to provide live information on bed capacity and the flow of patients throughout the hospitals.

The command centre shows patient data from arrival to leaving hospital, with advanced analytic predictions for the full day ahead.  The live information helps allow planning, patient management and an improved patient experience.

There are two main hubs in Ninewells and Perth Royal Infirmary, which have four wall-mounted touch screens with live data on ambulance arrivals, emergency department activity, inpatient pathways and bed status.  Additional screens are also available in the emergency department and acute medical receiving wards to ensure live information is available to key staff who are managing patient flow.

A series of demonstrations was held which gave staff the opportunity to see the command centre in action before it went live.  Chief Executive Grant Archibald also visited the hub along with Chief of Medicine at Glasgow Royal Infirmary Professor Colin McKay to find out more about the command centre.

MAIN New data command centre launched in NHS Tayside (1)
Grant Archibald, Professor Colin McKay, Regional Programme Manager for North of Scotland Carol Goodman and Jenni Woods

Health and Business Intelligence Information Lead Jenni Woods said, “The ability to see everything in one place is extremely powerful to help any potential flow issues be escalated to clinicians before they have happened.

“The command centre will act as a vital resource to help clinical, operational and managerial staff understand the live position which will in turn improve patient flow and experience.”

The command centre is web-based and subscribed users can share views across staff groups, including consultants, duty managers and ward staff.  Users are also able to view the screens off-site with NHS Tayside secure access, saving time, effort and resource in finding out the position of the hospitals in or out of hours.

The next stage of development will be making the command centre available on tablets and mobile phones to allow for quicker and easier access.

For further details please email the Health & Business Intelligence development team on

MAIN New data command centre launched in NHS Tayside (4)
Business Unit team manager Kenny Scott demonstrates the command centre to staff

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