Daniel O’Donnell festive treat for Ninewells patient

Betty watching her video message from Daniel

One lucky Ninewells patient received the festive treat of a lifetime in the form of a video message from Daniel O’Donnell.

When Betty Martin, 93, was admitted to the Acute Stroke Unit, nursing staff soon discovered her love for the Irish crooner. They decided to reach out to Daniel’s management team to see if he could cheer Betty up during her stay at Ninewells.

Charge nurse Andrea Jones said, “The minute Betty came onto the ward she wouldn’t stop talking about Daniel. So we contacted his management team asking if he would like to come to Ninewells and have a cup of tea with Betty. Unfortunately he’s currently on tour in America, but he did send a small message and we are very happy he made contact.

“Although, we’re still waiting on that cup of tea Daniel!”

Betty, who lives in Dundee but is originally from Aberdeenshire, was delighted to receive the message. She said, “I was delighted. I couldn’t sleep all night. It was so good of the staff to contact him. It cheered me up anyway.”

Check out the video of Betty receiving her video message from Daniel O’Donnell below.

You can also see all the lovely comments Betty and the ward 33 team received on facebook here.


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