‘Team NHS Tayside’ success at Global Health Challenge

MAIN ‘Team NHS Tayside’ success at Global Health Challenge
Team NHS Tayside

‘Team NHS Tayside’ won Best Project Idea at Dundee University’s Global Health Challenge.

The Global Health Challenge is an annual initiative where teams of students from different disciplines work together to create innovative solutions to health challenges brought by various sponsoring organisations.

NHS Tayside participated this year and challenged its team to develop a proposal to support student mental wellbeing, particularly for those who have recently moved away from home.

The initial research that the team carried out identified loneliness, home sickness, difficulties adjusting to a new way of life (often a new country) and academic pressures to be some of the key things that affect wellbeing among the student population.

Having considered a range of ideas, the team identified student accommodation as a potential location to provide an informal place for people to meet others, away from the more structured and sometimes more intimidating and expensive opportunities such as societies and the sports centre.

The team used ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ as a framework and designed a proposal for informal ‘fusion’ gatherings focused around food and cooking to take place regularly in the communal kitchens in the student residencies. These would be run by students and would be intended as a way to help students to connect with others and hopefully build lasting friendships.

The proposal was to seek funding for basic ingredients with a recipe attached as a meal box which students would then cook and share the food together.

There was an emphasis on bringing together international and home students who have the shared experience of moving away from home, learning about home life and food traditions in different countries.

During their presentation, the team highlighted how this proposal would meet all of the elements of ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ and would be a positive means of promoting student wellbeing.

Their proposal attracted widespread enthusiasm and won the top prize for the best project idea.


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