Get protected from flu before winter hits!

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There’s still time to get your free flu vaccination to protect yourself and our patients this winter.

We are anticipating a difficult winter this year and all staff are urged to take responsibility for their own and other’s health by getting vaccinated against flu.

Almost 5500 of you have already had the flu jab but we need more people to get protected to help stop flu from circulating in our hospitals and communities.  It is our duty to protect our patients, and getting vaccinated can reduce the risk of passing on flu to those who may be more likely to suffer complications from the virus.

Healthcare workers have a higher risk of flu compared to the general public and more than two thirds of people with flu may not have any symptoms but could still pass it on to others.

Details of staff flu vaccination clinics and community pharmacies offering the jab to staff are below.

Your manager will be made aware of opportunities for staff on the wards to get vaccinated and Occupational Health will continue to offer flu vaccination by appointment until 31 January 2020. Please call 01382 346030 to book your slot.

Lots of our senior nursing staff have been taking up the offer of a free flu vaccination and are encouraging their colleagues to do the same.

MAIN Get protected from flu before winter hits! - Rachel Haddock


Rachel Haddock – senior nurse, specialist services

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact that flu can have on patients and staff so I know how important it is that everyone gets the vaccine.”


MAIN Get protected from flu before winter hits! - Suzie Byer

Suzie Byer – senior charge nurse, ward 30 (paediatric surgery)

“I’ve had the jab every year and it makes me feel protected and healthy.  It’s really reassuring to get vaccinated because I work with children every day and I don’t want to infect them.”

MAIN Get protected from flu before winter hits! - Fiona McCallum


Fiona McCallum – senior charge nurse, ward 5 (medicine for the elderly)

“I see so many frail, vulnerable patients and visitors and I want to keep them safe.  I also want to lead by example and encourage my patients and staff to get vaccinated to protect themselves.  This is the second year I’ve been vaccinated and haven’t had any issues or side effects, I just feel protected!”


Meg Park – lead nurse, elective medicine

“I get immunised for my own health reasons as I am in one of the at-risk groups and, as frontline staff, it’s also really important that we are protected from catching or spreading the flu virus. Getting the flu is so much worse than getting vaccinated!”

MAIN Get protected from flu before winter hits! - Meg Park

Jackie Davie – lead nurse, specialist services

“I work in oncology so I want to protect myself and minimise the risk of spreading flu to vulnerable patients, colleagues and family members.”

MAIN Get protected from flu before winter hits! - Jackie Davie

For more information on flu and the flu vaccine please visit

Flu can be a serious illness, even in fit, healthy people.  It makes people feel extremely unwell for many days and full recovery normally takes a week.  Even fit and healthy people can develop more serious consequences and can require hospitalisation.

For those in the at-risk groups, the complications of seasonal flu can be deadly.  The best way to protect yourself and vulnerable people is to get the jab – and the earlier the better.

Even if you don’t have direct contact with patients, by getting yourself vaccinated you can help to stop the spread of the virus throughout hospitals and the wider community.

Please visit Staffnet | Our Websites | Immunisation | Seasonal Flu including NHS Staff Vaccination for full details of clinics. Please click on the links below to view the PDF versions of the posters.

This week’s staff flu clinics

Tayside pharmacies offering vaccination to NHS staff

MAIN Get protected from flu before winter hits!

MAIN More opportunities to get your free flu vaccination - pharmacies

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