Patients share artwork achievements at Royal Victoria Hospital Stroke Unit

18-11-19 Patients share artwork achievements at Royal Victoria Hospital Stroke Unit

A colourful display of print work on paper and textiles created by patients from the stroke unit was celebrated at Royal Victoria Hospital.

Artwork including monoprints, linocuts, printed bags and cushions went on display in the stoke rehabilitation unit at the hospital as the finale of a recent ST/ART programme.

ST/ART is an engagement project for stroke participants and is delivered across Tayside. The project is run by Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust (THAT) in association with NHS Tayside and works with other stroke units across Tayside.

Artist Pamela Scott worked with a number of inpatients over the past three months in a social atmosphere. The printmaking process was tailored to suit participants’ abilities and interests. They received one-to-one sessions and had the opportunity to join weekend group sessions where they tried out a variety of printmaking and craft techniques including mono and linocut printmaking, marbling and textile painting. All the sessions were run by Pamela with assistance at the weekend from volunteer artists Jemma Ward and Tarka Heath.

ST/ART project coordinator Chris Kelly said, “It was great to be invited back to the unit after our successful programme here last year. Pamela is a highly experienced artist and this was her first opportunity to lead a programme for us in an inpatient setting.

“It’s fascinating to see a new group of people explore different materials and processes and to see Pamela and the volunteers take them on their creative journeys. The group discovered that being creative contributes to their rehabilitation and it is good for their health and wellbeing.”

Pamela said, “It’s been challenging working with people so early in their recovery journey in a new environment. I used techniques that initially allowed patients to work in a quick and positive way. At first the group thought they wouldn’t be able to create much but are amazed and delighted to discover they can.

“We worked together to create some very accomplished works like the prints and cushions which is a really positive and empowering experience for them. One of our participants, Alex, was so engaged with the programme that even when he was moved out of the ward he came back twice a week to continue his work!”

Senior charge nurse Lesley Lochrie said, “We saw how popular and successful the ST/ART project was last year and were delighted to have it back this year. It’s clear the art programme helps each individual differently and we are amazed at what people have been able to achieve. Pamela had to learn the routine of the unit but all the staff have been very supportive and keen to see what is being achieved.

“The work patients produce and the impact that working with the artist can have on their recovery is remarkable. It’s fantastic to have their work on display and for participants to share their achievements with friends and family.”


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