Equality & Diversity Champions Training

SIDE Equality & Diversity Champions Training

New training dates are now available for staff who want to become an Equality & Diversity Champion.

This is a three-day training programme which will be run in February, May and November 2020 in Ninewells Hospital.

The Champion’s role is to promote equality and value diversity within our organisation. The training opportunity is open to all members of NHS and HSCP staff.  NHS Tayside has made a commitment to support staff to be trained as Equality & Diversity Champions.

The training dates are:

17-19 February 2020

25-27 May 2020

2-4 November 2020

NHS Tayside is committed to moving towards a culture where every member of staff feels valued, respected and recognised for the contribution they make.

To enable us to promote a culture like this we need to empower staff to challenge inappropriate behaviours and reinforce positive attitudes to equality, diversity and dignity at work.

Equality & Diversity Champions have been active in NHS Tayside for over 11 years, and the Champion’s role has been positively evaluated empowering staff to challenge behaviours and promote a positive culture in NHS Tayside.

If you are interested in becoming an Equality & Diversity Champion please contact:

Shona Ritchie on x36954 or email shona.ritchie@nhs.net or Santosh Chima, Head of Corporate Equalities on x36950 or email schima@nhs.net

Click here for more information on the Champions Role which can be found under Equality, Diversity and Human Rights on Staffnet.

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