NHS Tayside volunteers become Dementia Friends

MAIN NHS Tayside volunteers become Dementia Friends
Some of the volunteers with their certificates

A group of volunteers from NHS Tayside have become ‘Dementia Friends’ after attending an event run by the Dundee Branch of Alzheimer Scotland.

Becoming a Dementia Friend allows people of any age to learn a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and the small ways they can help, then turn that understanding into action.

The awareness session at Ninewells gave the volunteers the opportunity to learn about the different forms of dementia, what it’s like for people and their families living with the condition and how to communicate with someone who has dementia.

Voluntary services manager Val Ewan said, “The Dementia Friends awareness sessions are run by Alzheimer Scotland and are always very informative. Our volunteers leave the session feeling they have increased their understanding about how they can support and communicate with people living with dementia they may meet during their volunteering role.”

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