We’ve had our flu jab, have you?

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The flu vaccination campaign is now under way with lots of NHS Tayside staff and volunteers already taking up the offer of a free vaccine to protect themselves, their family, their patients and their colleagues.

Staff flu vaccination clinics will run throughout October and November. Details of this week’s clinics in Dundee and Perth & Kinross, as well as community pharmacies offering the jab, are below. Angus dates and further dates in P&K will follow.

Your manager will also be made aware of opportunities for staff on the wards to get vaccinated.

Members of the Operational Leadership Team took the opportunity to get their flu vaccines before their meeting on Friday.

Professor Colin Fleming, Acting Operational Medical Director and consultant dermatologist, said, “It’s important that we immunise as many staff as possible – the more we vaccinate, the more we protect, and everyone in the Operational Leadership Team is keen to make sure they do their bit to stop the spread of flu.”

MAIN We’ve had our flu jab, have you - OLT group
(from left) Associate Midwife Director Justine Craig, consultant gastroenterologist Elaine Henry, Associate Director, Improvement Tracey Williams, Associate Nurse Director Charles Sinclair, Associate Medical Director and consultant anaesthetist Dr Pamela Johnston, Associate Medical Director and consultant paediatrician Dr Peter Fowlie, clinical care group manager Joanne Cowburgh, senior finance manager Karen Kidd, clinical care group director and consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Sankar Sripada, lead nurse Jackie Davie and Acting Operational Medical Director Professor Colin Fleming

Director of Allied Health Professions (AHP) Karen Anderson, AHP practice education and teaching lead Nicola Richardson and AHP lead for P&K HSCP learning disability services Angie McManus popped into Royal Victoria Hospital to get their flu jabs.

MAIN We’ve had our flu jab, have you - AHPs RVH
l-r Karen Anderson, Nicola Richardson and Angie McManus
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Lesley Sharkey and Carol Ramsay

Family Nurse Partnership supervisors Lesley Sharkey and Carol Ramsay continued the fight against flu by having their flu jabs at the staff drop in clinic at Wedderburn House in Dundee.

Lesley and Carol said, “It was so easy to pop in have the immunisation all within 5-10 minutes. Working with pregnant women and young infants it is so important to protect our patients and this is one more thing we can do for them.”

For more information on flu and the flu vaccine please visit www.flufacts.scot

Flu can be a serious illness, even in fit, healthy people.  It makes people feel extremely unwell for many days and full recovery normally takes a week.  Even fit and healthy people can develop more serious consequences and can require hospitalisation.

For those in the at-risk groups, the complications of seasonal flu can be deadly.  The best way to protect yourself and vulnerable people is to get the jab – and the earlier the better.

Even if you don’t have direct contact with patients, by getting yourself vaccinated you can help to stop the spread of the virus throughout hospitals and the wider community.

Consultant in Public Health Medicine Dr Daniel Chandler said, “Healthcare workers have a higher risk of flu compared to the general public, with up to one in four likely to become infected during a mild flu season, and more than two thirds of people with flu may not have any symptoms but could still pass it on to others.

“This is why it is so important for us to vaccinate as many members of staff as possible.  We need to protect staff, patients and service users, especially those most at risk of serious complications, by reducing the spread of the virus in our hospitals and communities.”

Please visit Staffnet | Our Websites | Immunisation | Seasonal Flu including NHS Staff Vaccination for full details of clinics. Please click on the links below to view the PDF versions of the posters.

This week’s staff flu clinics

Tayside pharmacies offering vaccination to NHS staff

Flu clinics wc 21 October (2)

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