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Brian Macgillivray (third left) talked about his experience as part of the Our Voice Citizens’ Jury on Shared Decision Making

A networking event was held for patient, public and carer representatives working across Tayside to share learning and experiences of shared decision making between patients and prescribers.

Hosted by NHS Tayside in partnership with its Patient and Public Forum for Medicines (PFPM), the workshop brought together public partners and third sector representatives to discuss the importance of empowering patients to be more involved in decisions about their treatment.

Members of Inform Theatre, an off-shoot of Dundee Rep’s Illuminate Ensemble performance group for adults who have a range of support needs, performed clinical appointment scenarios to prompt discussion around good and bad practice between doctors and patients.

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PFPM member Fran Benison talked about her diagnosis of MS and how she took control of managing her condition without medicine. Fran noted that becoming part of the PFPM helped empower her to ask questions and make shared decisions with her consultant.

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GP and Associate Medical Director for Angus HSCP Dr Alison Clement also shared her experiences as a prescriber and gave examples of shared decisions around switching or stopping medicines due to side effects or lack of clinical benefit.

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Participants then had the opportunity to explore four different themes: the national Citizens’ Jury on shared decision making; co-produced materials to support shared decisions and empower patients; advocacy to support shared decision making; and how shared decision making can be done in Tayside.

Dr Alison Clement said, “There was a huge amount of passion and commitment from everyone attending this event to improve shared decision making around medicines.

“This is only the start of our prescribing strategy, supported through Transforming Tayside, to ensure that everyone taking medicines in Tayside has access to all the support and information they need to make the best decisions for them.”

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