Project ECHO pilot in Perth & Kinross

SIDE Project ECHO pilot in Perth & Kinross

A pilot project to share knowledge and expertise has recently been carried out in Perth & Kinross Specialist Palliative Care Services.

Project ECHO uses video-technology to connect groups over a series of sessions and form ‘communities of practice’ that learn from and with each other. It has been used successfully across the globe for years to share knowledge across many healthcare disciplines.

A successful pilot was completed with community hospital nurses in Perth & Kinross. Members of the specialist palliative care ECHO team at Cornhill Macmillan Centre organise and facilitate the sessions, which are interactive and involve teaching as well as case-based discussions and support from the palliative care team.

The use of video-technology means that staff can take part from their place of work. This reduces the time needed to release staff and travel time and cost. All that is needed is a computer with broadband connection, a webcam and protected space and time.

The evaluation feedback was very positive with 100% of the community hospitals keen to continue with their Project ECHO group.

Some of the feedback from staff included:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the case studies and learned a lot from them as we are talking to others doing the same job in other community hospitals.”

“It’s a great way of learning and it is a good way to bounce discussion between professionals.”

The community hospital group is continuing and a new group connecting with Perth & Kinross Care Homes has also been started.

For further information on Project ECHO please email the team at

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