Malnutrition Awareness Week

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Staff are encouraged to help raise awareness of malnutrition during Malnutrition Awareness Week (14-20 October).

The second annual awareness week will focus on improving screening in all settings, and increasing use of the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool, the BAPEN online self-screening tool, and other screening and resources.

Staff are encouraged to raise awareness with patients and relatives about the signs, symptoms and risk factors of malnutrition and signpost them to resources such as and

There will also be an information stand in the main entrance at Perth Royal Infirmary where people can pick up leaflets about the condition.

Malnutrition is both a cause and a consequence of ill health and is often a hidden problem that goes unnoticed. Malnutrition can have a devastating effect on physical health and emotional wellbeing and can often lead to or exacerbate long-term health problems.

Yet sadly many people are not familiar with the signs, symptoms and risk factors that would help them recognise that a loved one or somebody in their community is at risk of suffering from the condition.

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