Vital Information – corridor closures at Ninewells

Vital information corridor closures at Ninewells

It is vital that staff are aware of the upcoming changes to clinics and the corridor access at Ninewells as a result of the next phase of building work for the Children’s Theatre Suite and NICU projects.

This next phase will run for six weeks from Monday, 7 October until Friday 15 November and will see the temporary closure of all six West Block Theatres, temporary relocation of several outpatient departments and the closure of several corridor areas.

Changes to access routes and closing of corridors will mean that staff  will have to allow additional time to move around the hospital.

Temporary closure of West Block Theatres

Surgical specialties have all been involved in the planning for the temporary closure of these theatres and the provision of several mobile units for the six-week period.

Temporary relocation of several outpatient departments and the Cataract Unit

Ophthalmology Outpatients (Area 6A) will move to Ward 24/25 on level 5.  Patients should follow the signs to Ward 24 from the main concourse.

Surgical Pre-assessment (Area 5A) will relocate to Ward 30.  Diversion signs will be in place to inform patients where to go.

Audiology clinics will be delivered from Kings Cross Health and Community Care Centre.  Patients will be notified of the change through their appointment letters.

IVT activity will take place in a room adjacent to the current service.

The Cataract Unit will be temporarily based on level 4 in one of the mobile theatre units. Signage on the main concourse will direct patients to the endoscopy waiting area on level 4, where staff will accompany them to the mobile theatre area.

Closure of several corridor areas

Staff should note that the corridor between the current paediatric theatre (Ward 30) and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Ward 40) will be re-opening on Sunday, 6 October 2019.

However, there will still be no access to the corridor directly outside the main entrance to Ward 40, therefore the lifts in this part of the corridor will not stop at level 6. Below is a diagram which explains this.

Vital inofrmation Level 6 corridor closures.jpg

In addition, from Monday, 7 October – Friday, 15 November 2019, the corridor on level 5, behind the theatres, will be closed to pedestrians.

There will be barriers in place to prevent pedestrian traffic, however bagnals will be operational at restricted times.

Staff should note that the fire escape will be retained for bed evacuation along this corridor. See diagram below which explains this.

Vital inofrmation Level 5 corridor closures .jpg



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