Arbroath pupils supporting a tobacco-free future

MAIN Arbroath pupils supporting a tobacco-free future

Pupils at Arbroath Academy are continuing their work to become a tobacco-free school.

Young people from the school are working to create a tobacco-free generation with the support of NHS Tayside’s Early Years and Young People Team and Ash Scotland.

Arbroath Academy pupils want to have a smoke-free place to learn and a motivated group of young people are encouraging their peers to support the move to become smoke-free.

After receiving training in smoking preventions, they have asked fellow pupils, parents, carers and staff their view on smoking in and around their environment. This feedback will help the school with further interventions in this area.

The pupils recently met with staff from Trading Standards and representatives from Arbroath Football Club to discuss their ideas of a smoke-free future.

Arbroath FC Chairman Mike Caird said, “Arbroath FC is delighted to support Arbroath Academy’s aim to become a smoke-free school which is aligned with Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-Free Generation.

“This can only be good news for the future of sport in Scotland as a healthier and fitter generation of children come through to take part in football and many other sports. The good work that is being carried out at the Academy should be commended and we are delighted to support and play a part in this project.”

A representative from the club also brought along the SPFL League One Championship trophy cup to the school to celebrate Arbroath FC winning the League One title for the first time.

Kerry Dalgetty, team leader of NHS Tayside’s Early Years and Young People Team, said, “Every day in Scotland, the equivalent of a classroom of young people under 16 take up smoking, approximately 13,000 young people per year.

“Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of ill health and by aiming to be a smoke-free site, schools in Tayside can support young people to make confident, responsible, effective decisions about their health and wellbeing.”

Schools wishing to find out more about becoming smoke-free can contact the Early Years and Young People Team for further information on 01382 424054.

The Scotland Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation is an initiative to help reduce the harm caused by smoking and deliver a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

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