Digital transfer of patient images

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A new standard process is in place in NHS Tayside for the transfer of patient images with organisations out with NHS Scotland.

The Scottish National PACS system enables the exchange of radiology images between NHS Scotland Boards.

Image Exchange Portal (IEP) allows staff to request and receive images from other organisations and NHS Boards outside NHS Scotland.  IEP has been approved by national information governance teams.

In order to send images to organisations or individuals not participating in IEP, such as patients or solicitors, they will be required to register with IEP and an email address should be provided.  There is no charge for registering with IEP.

Before the introduction of IEP, images were sent using CDs or DVDs. This was a time consuming and unreliable process. By using IEP, images can be transferred immediately and can be available within hours rather than days.

To ensure the processes can be properly audited, requests to send or receive images from outside organisations should be made using the forms available on Staffnet.

If no clinician from the remote site has been named, the remote PACS team will not be able to notify the remote clinician that the images have arrived, so it is helpful if, when making a request for an IEP transfer, the requester provides a name for the intended recipient of the transferred data.  Some sites do not accept imaging unless an intended recipient is named.

Image transfer using IEP happens by the recipient opening an email link. It is essential that the person requesting the image transfer provides an appropriate email address to which the images are being transferred. The IEP link is only valid for 14 days so images must be sent to an email account which is regularly monitored.

Forms to request transfers are available through Staffnet under Our Websites | Clinical Radiology

Queries regarding IEP sending or requesting can be addressed to

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