Official opening of refurbished departments at Dundee Dental Hospital

MAIN Official opening of refurbished departments at Dundee Dental Hospital (1)

Interim Chair Lorna Birse-Stewart visited Dundee Dental Hospital to officially reopen the refurbished children’s and orthodontic departments.

The fifth floor clinical area at the Dental Hospital is shared by the two departments and has seen significant investment in new state-of-the-art dental chairs and cabinets, as well as a refurbished waiting room.

Mrs Birse-Stewart was welcomed by Clinical Director Professor Grant McIntyre, Associate Director Hospital Services Audrey Warden and Clincial Care Group Manager Joanne Cowburgh.

The original 27-year-old dental chairs and cabinets were deemed unfit for purpose and have been replaced with new state-of-the-art equipment. This investment in the departments ensures that the facilities are suitable for the treatment of patients along with the teaching and training of undergraduate students and postgraduate dentists.

Mrs Birse-Stewart said, “I was delighted to officially reopen the children’s department and orthodontic department and meet staff working in these areas.

“The Dental Hospital is a wonderful facility and this investment means that staff and patients benefit from a more patient-centred environment.

“From meeting and speaking with a wide range of staff it is very obvious to me that they are absolutely committed to delivering a first class dental service to the people of Tayside.”

Improving the patient experience was a key objective of the project with the waiting room being upgraded whilst the clinical facilities have been designed to provide a sympathetic and eye-catching design ensuring privacy for patients during their treatment.

MAIN Official opening of refurbished departments at Dundee Dental Hospital (3)Before the official reopening of the refurbished fifth floor Mrs Birse-Stewart was invited to meet some of the department staff over a cup of tea and cake. Dental nursing services manager Wendy Roud, who is well known for her baking skills, made delicious cup cakes decorated with a dental theme.

Mrs Birse-Stewart then performed the cutting of the ribbon and officially reopened the children’s and orthodontic departments at the hospital.

She spoke with staff and dentists working in the areas and heard that the children’s department uses seven dental chairs in the open clinic and two closed dental surgeries. It is a consultant-led service for children up to age 16 who are referred for dental treatment due to a wide range of dental and medical conditions.

The department has multidisciplinary links for patients with oral clefts, oral mucosal disorders, buried teeth and medical conditions. Where necessary, treatment can either be provided under sedation at the Dental Hospital or under general anaesthetic within Area 2A at Ninewells Hospital. In addition, the department provides a Dental A&E service for children not registered with a general dental practitioner for emergency care including pain, infection and dental trauma.

The orthodontic department uses 11 dental chairs in the open clinic and one closed dental surgery. It is a consultant-led service for children and adults who are referred with malocclusions due to dental crowding, hypodontia, buried teeth and jaw disharmony.

Treatment within the department is provided for patients with complex and multidisciplinary orthodontic needs including those with oral clefts, hypodontia, skeletal jaw disharmony and missing hypodontia with as part of various multidisciplinary teams, liaising with the dedicated onsite orthodontic laboratory for construction of various appliances.

Both specialities are staffed by consultants, speciality dentists, training grades undergraduate dental and oral health science students along with dental nursing, orthodontic laboratory and admin and clerical support staff.

Rounding off her visit, Mrs Birse-Stewart was accompanied on a tour of the hospital by Professor McIntyre who explained about the different specialist services delivered by each department.


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