Call for examples of ‘greenness’

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NHS Tayside’s Sustainable and Environmental Development Group has been re-established to stimulate and co-ordinate action, monitor progress, as well as increase focus on the environmental sustainability of the healthcare we provide.

The group would love to hear from individuals, teams and wards in NHS Tayside about what they are doing to make the healthcare we provide greener, for example through reduction of waste, creation of greenspace or transport and travel.

If anyone has any new brilliant ideas of how NHS Tayside can become greener, we would love to hear about them too.  We welcome examples and ideas from all NHS areas. Please let us know at

Scottish Government recently declared a Climate Emergency. Independent of that announcement, the UK Committee for Climate Change issued a report with recommendations for greenhouse gas emissions reduction across UK. The Committee has recommended that Scotland reduce to ‘net-zero emissions’ by 2045, with interim targets for 2030 (70%) and 2040 (90%). Scottish Government has accepted the Committee’s recommendations in full and has indicated that the upcoming new Climate Change Act will reflect these targets.

NHSScotland has already made significant progress in reducing the emissions from its estate. At the end of 2018/19, greenhouse gas emissions were down by more than 54% on 1990 levels.

Climate change should not be considered in isolation and a wider approach to sustainability is required. To that end, NHS National Services Scotland, NHS Health Scotland and the wider NHS are working together on a NHSScotland Sustainability Strategy. This Strategy will cover 16 areas of focus and will be supported by the NHSScotland Sustainability Assessment Tool. The Strategy will be published by March 2020.

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