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£460 donated to ophthalmology department at Ninewells

Mr Christie donated £460 to the department in memory of his wife who was treated there for glaucoma. The money was raised by Mr Christie’s generous family and friends at his wife’s funeral service.

Mr Christie said, “One of her fears was that she would go blind. Her vision wasn’t good she but she was still able to do most things herself. My family and I would like the money to be used for funding educational events about glaucoma.”

Accepting the donation, consultant ophthalmologist Caroline Cobb said, “Thank you so much to Mr Christie and his family for their amazing donation. This will help improve staff training.”

Check it out - opthamology
Mr Christie with consultant ophthalmologist Caroline Cobb and staff from the ophthalmology department.


Dominos club raises money in memory of friend

A Dundee domino team held a fundraiser to raise money for ward 26 at Ninewells Hospital in memory of their friend, Paul Gowans.

The Hawkhill Tavern dominos club in Dundee raised £523 in memory of their friend Paul Gowans who sadly passed away in December last year.

Paul joined the club five years ago and made a lot of good friends. His domino team mates said the mechanic will be remembered as a great guy with even better banter and is missed by everyone who knew him.

The dominos team bought a number of items for the ward including fans, remote controls, toasters and microwaves.

Accepting the donation, senior charge nurse Stella Digba said, “On behalf of all the staff in ward 26/27, I would like to thank the team for their generous donations. We truly appreciate their kind gesture and will ensure that it will all be put to good use for our patients.”

Dominos club raise money in memory of friend
Hawkhill Tavern dominos club with staff from ward 26/27


NHS Tayside nurses go to great heights to fundraise

Three nurses from the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit at Carseview Centre faced their fears and undertook a fundraising sky dive on 1 June to raise funds for the ward.

Charge nurses Lisa Walker and Beckie Lloyd along with staff nurse Chloe Cronin wanted to raise funds to spend on patient resources for the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit where they all work.

Lisa said, “We did a skydive, we all survived and we managed to raise about £1500.  We have been asking staff and patients for feedback on what they would like the money to be spent on and the list so far includes a bingo machine, board games, mini DVD players and possibly tablet devices for the ward. Promoting activities and therapeutic engagement are the foundations of care in IPCU and this money goes a long way to supporting a positive care experience in our ward.’

NHS Tayside nurses go to great heights to fundraise.jpg
Left to right: Beckie Lloyd, charge nurse, Lisa Walker, charge nurse and Chloe Cronin, staff nurse after their jumps.


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