Near Me Tayside offers video consultations

SIDE Near Me Tayside offers video consultations

NHS Tayside is now offering consultations in patients’ own homes through a new service called Near Me Tayside.

Near Me Tayside allows people to attend their outpatient appointments through video and telephone consultations.

Appointments can be delivered through an internet-connected computer or smart phone, without the need for specialist videoconferencing equipment. This means video consultations can be held in a patient’s own home, as well as at NHS facilities.

By offering an alternative to existing face-to-face appointments, Near Me Tayside can help make consultations more flexible by reducing the need for patients and staff to travel to and from hospital sites.

Near Me Tayside is the new name for Attend Anywhere Tayside, a video conference system previously used for appointments in some services across NHS Tayside.

The following video shows an example of a video consultation.

For more information visit the Near Me Tayside Staffnet page at Our Websites | Near Me Tayside

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