Saltire Awards presented to young NHS Tayside volunteers

Saltire Awards
l-r Anisah Mohammed, Mariana Khoury, Rugaiyuah Hussein, Marcel Al-Horoub, Kerin Waterston, Faiza Mohammed

Ten NHS Tayside volunteers have been presented with a national award which recognises the commitment and contribution of young people in volunteering.

The Saltire Award is a Scottish Government youth award which celebrates the volunteering achievements of young people.

NHS Tayside volunteers aged between 16 and 25 can sign up to record their hours and learning gained through volunteering placements and claim certificates for key milestones.

Saltire Award certificates were presented to the following volunteers:

  • Anisah Mohammed (Community Maternity Unit, Perth Royal Infirmary) – 200 hours
  • Mariana Khoury (Ninewells Gift Shop) – 200 hours
  • Ruqaiyuah Hussein (Dundee Midwifery Unit and previously Ward 3, Ninewells) – 50 hours
  • Nyorin Islam (Ward 19, Ninewells) – 25 hours
  • Sasha Mackay (Dudhope Young People’s Unit) – 25 hours
  • Gregor Angus (Ward 5, Ninewells) – 25 hours
  • Marcel Al-Horoub (Ward 6, Ninewells) – 10 hours
  • Faiza Mohammed (Ward 6, Ninewells) – 10 hours
  • Amy McCoy (Ward 6, Ninewells) – 10 hours
  • Kerin Waterston (Ward 6, Ninewells) – 10 hours

Anisah Mohammed said, “Volunteering at the Perth Maternity Unit has helped me gain confidence in my ability to speak to new people on a weekly basis. Attending the unit for a couple of hours a week has given me the opportunity to make a difference within the ward to patients as well as become part of the community at the unit. It’s an amazing and joyful ward to volunteer in and the staff are brilliant.”

Nyorin, Sasha and Amy have now moved on from volunteering with NHS Tayside. Nyorin is starting university and Sasha and Amy have moved out of Dundee having graduated from Dundee University.

Voluntary Services Manager Val Ewan said, “Congratulations to everyone who has received a Saltire Award and best wishes to Nyorin, Sasha and Amy.  We hope they continue to volunteer in these next stages of their lives.”

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