Research study success

Stradl research team cropped
Members of the STRADL research team

A research team at the Ninewells Clinical Research Centre has successfully recruited more than 500 volunteers for a study which is investigating mood disorders.

The research study Stratifying Resilience in Depression Longitudinally (STRADL) is a £4.8m Scottish multi-centre study funded by the Wellcome Trust to investigate mood disorder.

The aim of the study is to investigate risk factors for depression, including family history, genetic susceptibility, early childhood adversity and brain-related factors to develop new diagnostic tests and therapies in the future.

Depression affects around 13% of the UK population, however little is known about what makes people vulnerable or resilient to the condition. Progress in discovering new and more effective treatment is also slow.

The research study, which began in 2016, has just finished having successfully recruited more than 500 volunteers in Dundee and in Aberdeen.

Honorary consultant psychiatrist Professor Douglas Steele, who led the clinical research team for this study, said, “We are very grateful to all volunteers who took part in the study.

“We were able to collect detailed information from our volunteers which included carrying out individual clinical assessments, taking blood samples for genetic assessment, neuropsychological assessment and brain structure and function scanning.

“We particularly thank all NHS and University staff who supported the study.”


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