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The new Working With Us Staffnet site has a section which focuses on occupational health.

Occupational Health (OH) is a speciality that considers the effects of work on health and an individual’s health, ability and fitness to perform a particular job.

There are various services offered by Occupational Health including:

  • counsellingSIDE Occupational Health on Staffnet - Working with us.jpg
  • alcohol and substance misuse support
  • immunisations

Managers are able to refer staff to OH with the purpose being to provide advice and support to both employee and manager when dealing with staff health issues.  However, managers are unable to refer staff for counselling, this is a self referral only.

If staff have any work related problems or problems that are affecting their work they are encouraged to contact OH to discuss what services are available and what would work best for them.  Staff can contact 01382 346030 for a confidential conversation.

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