What we did in NHS Tayside last week

Have you ever wondered how many patients we see and treat in NHS Tayside? Here’s a snapshot of some of our activity over the past week.

Many more patients are treated every day by our GP and community colleagues and we provide many other services in our hospitals such as x-rays, scans and other tests.

Each missed appointment costs NHS Tayside £151. Please contact your outpatient department if you are unable to attend an appointment so that we can rearrange it for a suitable time and give the appointment to someone else.

10 - 16 June infographic.png

2 thoughts on “What we did in NHS Tayside last week”

  1. I think it might raise awareness in within the General Public if this was put out on NHS Tayside websites and social media. Only thing I would change is I would also add a total cost for the missed appointments of that week – this way the general public will see how much money is wasted by missed appointments.

    1. Hi Karen, the infographic is posted on the homepage of the NHS Tayside website and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds every Monday.

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