Non-executives visit Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

NICU wall baby

Non-executive board members Trudy McLeay and Lorna Birse-Stewart visited the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Ninewells to hear about the specialist service.

During their two hour visit they met with senior nurse Alison Wright, clinical lead Dr Shetty Bhushan and members of their team.

Alison explained, “We were delighted to welcome Mrs McLeay and Mrs Birse-Stewart to the unit and I was pleased to have this opportunity to explain about the service in more detail and to showcase some of our developments.

“As part of their visit they heard about the UNITE project which is an initiative between ward 38 (postnatal), labour suite and NICU. The project aims to provide support to keep more mums and babies together and already there has been 25% reduction in the number of full-term babies being admitted to NICU.

“I highlighted that the unit is the third in Scotland to have the full UNICEF Neonatal Baby Friendly Initiative Accreditation as well as the work that we do with the charity Bliss, with the aim to achieve Bliss Charter Accreditation.

“It is important to the team to keep parents very much involved in their baby’s care from the minute they enter the unit to the day their baby moves on to transitional care.  We do our very best to make sure parents feel central to the team and are involved in decisions relating to their baby.

“The unit is continually developing and two examples which I was pleased to be able to share were the development of the NICU Advanced Nurse Practitioner role and also the benefits of the implementation of a full electronic patient record which enabled us to go paperless.”

Mrs McLeay and Mrs Birse-Stewart were also given a tour of the unit, taking the opportunity to meet with parents, babies and staff in the different areas and see the facilities close up.

Alison added, “It is an exciting time for us as the unit is set to move at the end of June in preparation for refurbishment work. We have been planning this move for some time and detailed plans are in place to support this. This temporary move will not impact on the care that the team deliver to the babies and their families, the highly specialist services will continue as normal.”

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