Indigo car parking permits to change to Saba

Saba Teal logo.jpg

All staff holding an Indigo car park permit are required to have these permits changed to a Saba permit before the end of June.

Car park contractors Saba Park Services UK Limited have replaced Indigo Park and are now responsible for all car parking on the Ninewells site.

It is important that staff change their permit as after June the Indigo car parking permits will not be valid.

Changing the permits is straight forward. Staff can visit the Saba office in the multi-storey car park between 8am and 7pm. Please bring your old permit and fob (if applicable) with you to enable a replacement Saba permit to be issued.

When you remove your Indigo car park permit from your car you must leave a note on your dashboard stating that you are taking your permit to be changed at the Saba office.

This is to make sure that Saba car parking attendants understand why you are not displaying a permit and avoid a parking charge notice being issued.

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