ED ‘Learning for Excellence’ project featured at NHS Scotland event

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NHS Tayside’s Emergency Departments were invited to present their ‘Learning for Excellence’ project at this year’s NHS Scotland event.

The project, which previously featured in the Health and Social Care Staff Experience Report 2018, formed part of a mini-plenary session titled ‘People Make Change Happen’.  The presentation included a short film which you can view below.

The Emergency Departments launched the project last year to share learning through episodes of good practice after identifying a need through their iMatter report to increase the feeling of appreciation for all grades of staff.

Using the ‘Learning from Excellence’ philosophy, which is built on the idea that we can learn as much from what goes well as we can from what goes wrong, the team developed a simple peer-reporting system for capturing episode of excellence, including ‘everyday excellence’.

If staff see great care, brilliant teamwork, someone going the extra mile or anything they think is excellent, they simply fill in a form and post it in the white box in staff base in Ninewells or PRI.

The team thank the nominator and inform and thank those nominated for doing an awesome job. The individual’s supervisor is also informed and the team then share the learning anonymously through newsletters and on a notice board.

Consultant in Emergency Medicine Dr Alison White, who shared the story at the NHS Scotland Event, said, “We have learned new skills and, more importantly, we have learned about the behaviours others value in us, and what we look like when we are at our best.

“In December 2018 we received the 100th excellence report and produced a book of ‘100 Stories of Excellence’ to share. A link to this can be found on the ED Staffnet page.

“The idea has spread and excellence reporting now takes place in AMU, maternity and general theatres, ICU and the human genetics unit.

​“If you would like more information, or are thinking about starting a similar project in your department, then please get in touch at lfe.tayside@nhs.net. We are happy to share our experiences and resources.”

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