Staff Wellbeing on Staffnet

The new Working With Us Staffnet site has a section which focuses on staff wellbeing.

The wellbeing of staff and ensuring that the work environment is safe and healthy is vitally important to NHS Tayside.  However, there may be times when staff require support for work-related or personal, physical or mental health concerns.

SIDE wellbeing at work on Staffnet - Your NHS Journey

In the staff wellbeing section you can access a range of self-help guides, information and advice on common issues which have the potential to impact on staff wellbeing along with information and links to:

  • Occupational Health
  • The Wellbeing Centre
  • promoting wellbeing
  • physical and mental wellbeing
  • support for staff who are carers
  • addiction/dependency support
  • financial advice

The next issue of Low Down will focus on pay, terms and conditions.

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