NHS Tayside introduces new healthy eating initiative

SIDE Supporting BNF Healthy Eating Initiative

NHS Tayside’s Retail Catering Service is encouraging visitors and staff to make healthier choices when eating in our food outlets.

The new initiative is introducing more fruit and vegetable options and a new price model which will reduce the cost of single portions of fruit and vegetables. The new pricing model came into effect on Monday, 3 June, in all NHS Tayside food outlets.

NHS Tayside Retail Catering Service Manager David Bayne said, “We believe caterers have an increasing influence on what people eat. Working in the health sector gives us the opportunity to set an example by providing and promoting healthy food choices.

“There are significant health benefits to eating at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day, and we hope these changes can encourage and inspire people to eat better.”

The changes include:

  • A price reduction for single pieces of fruit
  • A three piece fruit bag offer
  • All vegetables reduced in price
  • Vegetables and rice where applicable are included in the price of the main meal
  • A 2.5% increase on other food items as recommended by the National Retail Expert Group (NREG) in February 2019

Head of Catering Caroline McKenzie said, “The Catering Service has recently engaged with customers all across Tayside about our service, how to make it fit for the future and what it should offer.

“Our customers are asking for greater variations and more healthy options. One of the things customers asked for was salad bars. We are currently working on introducing a salad bar at our largest facility, the Level 5 restaurant at Ninewells Hospital, in the first instance. The salad bar will include a range of healthy options including vegetarian and vegan options.”

Director of Public Health Dr Drew Walker said, “These initiatives will undoubtedly help promote the health of everyone who uses our Retail Catering Services. Hopefully it will also attract others to use these services and take advantage of this excellent development.”

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