Ninewells Level 5 stalls

SIDE Dining room sales.jpg

May 2019

24      Michele Alsorz
7      Bluebelle Accessories
28      Forever Living (The Aloe Vera Company)
29      Alison McMahon
30      Bonanza Gifts
31      Sian Secrets (Susan Dakers)

June 2019

3        Body Shop
4        Andrew Morrison (garden ornaments)
5        Gemrock
6        2 Hearts (jewellery and handbags)
G.M.B. (in the dining room)
7        Party Lite
10      Gift Shop (Ninewells)
11      Allure by Emma
12      Infection Control
13      Sylvia Connelly (handbags) T/A (in the dining room)
14      Jess in the Box
17      Andrew Morrison (garden ornaments)
18      Gift Shop (Ninewells)
19      Osborne Books
20      Park Lane (previously Stella + Dot)
21      Michele Alsortz


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