New learnPro modules launched

Learn ProNew learnPro modules for laser safety and radiation safety for theatre x-ray contolled areas have been released.

Laser Safety (foundation)

The aim of the module is to provide awareness of basic laser safety to staff who work directly or indirectly with lasers and those members of staff should complete this module. Everyone has an obligation for the health and safety of yourself and others

This is not a replacement for the core of knowledge which all laser users must complete. Contact the laser protection supervisor (lPS) for more information.

Radiation safety for theatre x-ray controlled areas (foundation level)

Staff working in a radiation controlled area in theatres, must complete this module. It will provide you with an understanding of ionising radiation and the precautions you must take in order for you to work safely in these areas.

The provision of training, repeated at appropriate intervals, is mandated by the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017.

You can access learnPro by following the path Staffnet Home | Learning and Training | e-Learning | learnPro

To access the Laser Safety and Radiation Safety modules click on ‘show all elearning’ on the learnPro homepage, then click ‘Profession specific subjects category’. You may need to scroll down the page to add these modules to your learnPro page.

For either of these modules, line managers should consider whether to add them as role mandatory to staff within their area of responsibility and if so, use the scorecard function to add this as required.

For more information on learnPro contact

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