Volunteering and health workshop

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A workshop was held this week to help shape the future of volunteering across Tayside.

Staff with a role in supporting volunteering in NHS Tayside, the three health and social care partnerships and the third sector gathered at the Improvement Academy in Ninewells to discuss priorities for a Tayside-wide volunteer plan.

A local mental health peer support volunteer also attended to share her experiences of volunteering and how it has helped with her recovery.

Chief Executive Grant Archibald shared his perspectives of needing to know the communities better that we wish to engage with around volunteering.

Grant said, “As professionals we often have well intentioned ideas and perceptions but we need to listen to people and get to know their circumstances to really understand where we can make a difference.

“NHS Tayside has a firm commitment to volunteering and I wholly appreciate the value of volunteers and how fortunate we are to benefit from the support they provide.”

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Clinical governance and risk management team lead Tracey Passway, who led the event, said, “There feels a will going forward to further develop and maximise the fantastic support that Tayside gains from volunteers.

“We are aware of the value of volunteering, not only to the people who are supported by volunteers but for those that undertake the role.”

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