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Brave the shave raises money for Ninewells

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Jacks and Matty Watson with daughter Freya, Gordon McInally and staff from ward 32

Nine offshore workers ‘braved the shave’ to raise £1,840 for the oncology department and ward 32 at Ninewells Hospital.

Matty Watson from Inchture was diagnosed with testicular cancer in July last year. His colleagues from Transocean decided to shave their heads to raise money for ward 32 at Ninewells.

Matty said, “The guys offshore are amazing and I can’t thank them enough. When I was first diagnosed they had a whip round on the rig and raised money for me and my family, which really helped us. They also had a Christmas raffle and now they’ve shaved their heads to raise money for the ward!

“The staff in oncology and ward 32 are heroes. It’s great to be able to give something back for all the help they gave us.”

Matty’s wife, Jacks said, “The last year has been very busy and difficult. Matty started his treatment when our daughter Freya was just three weeks old. We also have two boys at home, Sam and Josh. The staff at Ninewells have been great.”

Accepting the donation, Macmillan trainee senior specialist nurse Gordon McInally said, “On behalf of the oncology department and ward 32, I would like to thank Matty and Jacks for this very generous donation. It will go towards the patient comfort fund which is used to help patients during their time in hospital.  I would also like to thank Matty’s colleagues who braved the shave to raise the money in the first place.”

“Around 2,300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer in the UK every year. It is very important for males to regularly check their testicles to enable them to know what is normal for them. If anyone would like to know more about testicular cancer please visit”

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Matty’s work mates who ‘braved the shave’


Dancing show raises money for Roxburghe House

Friends of Sarah Ann Dixon, who sadly passed away at Roxburghe House in June last year, have donated £810 to the palliative care unit in her memory.

The group raised the money by selling raffle tickets and organising a line dancing show.

Senior charge nurse Marnie Ferguson said, “Thank you to everyone who helped raise money for Roxburghe House. Donations like this help us provide extra comforts for our patients and their families as well as making the environment more homely.”

Marnie Ferguson (centre) accepted the cheque on behalf of Roxburghe House


Friends of Stracathro donate VAAFT equipment

Stracathro Hospital has taken donation of two pieces of Video-Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment (VAAFT) equipment from the Friends of Stracathro.

Accepting the donation, consultant surgeon Dr Christopher Payne said, “I am delighted that Friends of Stracathro have donated funds for two fistuloscopes, which will allow us to offer Video-Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment (VAAFT) for fistulas and sinuses.

“This new technique offers a minimally invasive surgical option, with the advantages that it can be performed as a day case and has an improved post-operative recovery period, compared with more invasive operations.

“Peri-anal fistulas and pilonidal sinuses are common and troublesome conditions that can significantly impact on the quality of life of those affected.  Some patients have required multiple surgeries, with the subsequent impact on their general health and their ability to work.

“The patients of Tayside will benefit from this treatment in Stracathro Hospital, which will be the only centre in the East of Scotland to offer this innovation.”

MAIN Check it Out - Friends of Stracathro donates VAAFT equipment
Dr Christopher Payne accepted the donation from the Friends of Stracathro


Easter donation for children’s ward

Big thanks to former patient Samuel Allan and his family for their thoughtful donation of Easter eggs for Tayside Children’s Hospital.

Play specialist Una Paton said, “We had a visit from Samuel and his parents with a fantastic Easter donation. Samuel was a patient last year in our ward and thought that it would cheer the children up to be given an Easter egg today.

“The staff welcomed his donation and would like to thank the family for their kind gesture.”

MAIN Check it Out - Easter donation for children’s ward
Samuel and his parents with the donated Easter eggs

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