Learning from patients’ experiences of care

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Left to right: Alison Moss, Complaints and Feedback Team Lead, Debbie Baldie, Senior Nurse, Research and Development, and Lindsay Baillie, South Perthshire and Kinross locality manager.

Colleagues from NHS Tayside and Perth and Kinross HSCP completed the course Foundations in Care Experience for strategic leaders in patient experience and are looking at ways to create feedback mechanisms in Tayside.

The course was sponsored by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and key messages from the course were:

  • The things that matter most to patients include fast, effective treatment; involvement in decision making; involvement and support for them and their families; clear comprehensive information; emotional support and continuity of care
  • Using feedback can support all teams to address the third, important dimension of NHS Scotland’s Quality Ambitions – Safe, effective and person-centred
  • Positive care experiences are closely linked to positive staff experience
  • Positive care experiences are associated with better adherence to treatment regimes, attendance at follow up and shorter lengths of stay

A recent systematic review revealed that patient experience is consistently positively associated with patient safety and clinical effectiveness across a wide range of disease areas, study designs, settings, population groups and outcome measures. It is therefore an essential component of what we do to enhance patient care and treatment.

Collecting and acting on patient feedback is a legislative requirement of all care providers set out in the Patients’ Rights Act (Scotland) 2011. There are a range of ways in which feedback can be gathered and the method needs to meet the needs of the population.

NHS Tayside are working in partnership with the HSCPs and have a strategic group leading on the introduction of effective feedback mechanisms, including Care opinion, in every care service.

Use of Care Opinion as a method of seeking feedback is supported by Scottish Government and is free for Boards and for the public to use. Care opinion is an accessible and easy way to get started with seeking and acting on feedback – https://www.careopinion.org.uk/ .

If you want to know more or get involved with this important quality improvement work stream, please contact Ms Alison Moss (to get help with Care Opinion)  at  Ninewells Ext 33349 or email to alisonmoss@nhs.net or  Dr Debbie Baldie at Ninewells Ext 40162 or dbaldie@nhs.net to get help with other methods for patient feedback.

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