NHS Tayside lifts the lid on reusable cups

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NHS Tayside is introducing a new sustainable reusable cup and a loyalty warm drink deal at all its retail outlets this month in order to reduce waste.

The new Eco To Go reusable cups are produced from renewable resources with 80% rice husk, the brown outer shell of the rice grain, and 20% plant resin. Naturally insulating with the look and feel of plastic, the cup can be reused hundreds of times, is dishwasher and microwave safe and at end of its life, it will break down in industrial compost in 90 days.

NHS Tayside retail service catering manager David Bayne said, “Each year billions of disposables are thrown away after just one use, many of which end up in landfill or in the sea. Our vision is to live in a world where waste is drastically reduced.

“We are rolling out this scheme across NHS Tayside this month, and all NHS Tayside retail outlets will have this is a well designed, reusable and sustainable alternative to disposable cups. We believe by making simple changes to the way we interact with food and drink to-go packaging, we can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint.

“Our intention is to encourage our customers to reduce and eventually eliminate using single use disposable cups. This is why we are introducing a loyalty card scheme so that when you purchase seven cups using a ‘keep cup’, the eighth cup is free.”

The keep cup costs £5 which pays for itself after 28 drinks by saving £1.30 each time you get a free drink.

4 thoughts on “NHS Tayside lifts the lid on reusable cups”

  1. CAn we bring another reusable cup to filled a these places – where are these places – stracathro?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, the loyalty card scheme will apply to all keep-cups so you can your bring own. NHS Tayside wants to reduce the use of single use cups and our vision is to live in a world were waste is drastically reduced.
      The scheme is being rolled out across NHS Tayside this month, and this is expected to available at Stracathro Hospital from mid April.

  2. 28 drinks saving 1.30 is about £36
    28 drinks at 13 p is only about £3.50
    I think someone is poor at basic maths.
    is it really £1.30 cheaper to bring your own cup?
    I also think a list of outlet locations would be useful.

    1. Hi,

      Please see the answer from the Catering team below:

      Buying 7 drinks and receive the 8 one free @ £1.30
      After 4 cards (28 drinks) you will have saved £5.20 – (£5 is the cost of the cup)
      After that you would continue to save £1.30 with the loyalty card offer
      If you bring your own cup you save £1.30 with the loyalty card offer as well.

      The outlets which have keep-cups as of today (09.04.19) are:
      Ninewells – food@5 and Out to Lunch
      Perth Royal Infirmary

      Still to be completed:
      Kings Cross
      MRH Shop


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