NHS Tayside supports Earth Hour 2019

Eartha at 5cm wide

NHS Tayside is supporting Earth Hour 2019 as part of its Care to Save campaign.

WWF’s Earth Hour is an event that focuses the world’s attention on our planet and what we can do to protect it.

On Saturday, 30 March 2019 between 8.30 and 9.30pm, iconic landmarks will join schools, organisations and individuals all across Scotland in a joint demonstration for action on climate change.

Celebrate your commitment to the planet with your friends, family, community or at work – in your own way. A simple way to join in is by turning off all non-essential lights during the Earth Hour period.

Supporting Earth Hour is part of NHS Tayside’s Care to Save campaign, which centres on four key green themes- energy, transport, recycling and sustainability.

Property Environmental and Quality Manager Philip Wilde said, “NHS Tayside is an organisation fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint, improving sustainability and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Earth Hour gives us an opportunity to raise awareness on the environmental issues facing the planet.

“People can make simple changes to their daily routines to make a real difference.”

NHS Tayside is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and actively seeks the co-operation of its employees in achieving this goal. For example the Ninewells Energy Centre has seen a CO2 saving of 12,718 tonnes per annum.

It is easy for staff to make small changes to reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy: Switch off appliances when not in use. See Vital Signs issue 824 for more information.

Waste: Recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, batteries and by reusing items such as plastic bags. Only print if necessary and if you have to, only print in black and white and double-sided. See Vital Signs issue 888 for more information.

Travel: Travelling by public transport, car sharing, cycling or walking. See Vital Signs issue 864 for more information. For more information on WWF’s Earth Hour visit www.wwfscotland.org.uk/earthhour.



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