Work and Health (Foundation) 2019 learnPro module

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The Work and Health (foundation) module is now live. This module highlights the importance of work in maintaining health and wellbeing.

This module is aimed at raising awareness of clinicians practicing in long term conditions to ask patients about work as part of routine assessment and intervention.  It will assist clinicians to plan return to work interventions, or sign post to the most appropriate service with  patients who are at risk of  absence or absenteeism  from work or at risk of losing their job because of their health condition.

Click here to access the module or follow the path below.

Staffnet Home > Learning and Training > e-Learning >learnPro

Click on ‘click here’ to access learnPro to open the login page then click ‘login here’ to open the learnPro page. If you do not have a login you will have to create an account.

For the click on ‘show all elearning’ on the learnPro homepage, then click on the CPD category. You may need to scroll down the page to add this module to your learnPro page.

Line managers should consider if this module should be added as role mnandatory to staff within their area of responsibility, and if so, use the scorecard function to add this as required.

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For more information on learnPro contact:

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