NHS Tayside staff ‘Leading by Design’

Rodney Mountain speaking at the ‘Leading by Design’ event

A group of leading health and social care, education and prison service staff came together at V&A Dundee to explore how design principles can help plan public services to meet the needs of tomorrow.

The ‘Leading by Design’ event was organised by NHS Tayside specialty registrars Dr Kate Arrow and Thomas Lamont.  Consultant ENT surgeon Rodney Mountain was also a speaker at the event.

This innovative event used the unique setting and resources of V&A Dundee to focus on how we can lead change by design. Through practical workshops and interactive sessions, participants learned how design can be used to transform the public sector experience, both for the public and staff.

Dr Kate Arrow and Thomas Lamont said, “To meet the future needs of our public services will require a culture of creativity and innovation. Co-design with members of the public is central to the design of these services. We’re both currently completing a clinical leadership development programme with NES and it was through these roles that we became aware of design thinking.

“We were inspired by local ENT surgeon Rodney Mountain’s work as a design champion. We are delighted that Rod could share his expertise with public sector workers in order to design and ‘future-proof’ services.”

Rodney Mountain added, “Quality improvement and patient safety are well established activities in the NHS in Scotland. However, we need to include our patients and other care workers in these activities. Design stimulates creativity and brings everyone to the table as equal partners, learning from each other, sharing ideas and trying out new ways to improve the care experience.”

Rodney is one of the founders of “Healthcare – Designed in Dundee”. He strongly believes in the “Art” of medicine and added value of a design-led approach to health and social care, created through direct patient and community engagement and the co-design of healthcare products and services.

Rodney Mountain speaking at the ‘Leading by Design’ event


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