Photography competition inspires at CBIR

MAIN Photography competition inspires at CBIR

The winners of a staff photography competition at the Centre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation (CBIR) at Royal Victoria Hospital have been announced.

The competition, which has been running for the past four years, inspires not only the staff who take part, but also patients in the CBIR.  It is part of CBIR’s Healthy Working Lives programme and the photographs are displayed for the enjoyment of everyone in the centre’s Ward 1.

Christine Goodman, artist in the rehabilitation team at CBIR and organiser of the competition, said, “I have encouraged our patients in the CBIR to judge the photographs individually and to choose what they consider the best photograph.

“The two winners are physiotherapist Lorna Melville for her ‘Waterfall’ photograph and speech and language therapist Alex Robertson for her photograph of the ‘black Weimaraner’.”

MAIN Photography competition inspires at CBIR - LornaTalking about photography and art, Lorna said, “I enjoy taking photos and I’m lucky to have a good digital camera. My winning photograph is of Bruar Falls at Dunkeld. It was a gorgeous autumn day and I was out having a lovely walk with the family.

“What encourages me to take part is the display Christine puts together for our patients. They frequently walk up and down the corridor and it is far nicer if artworks and photos change periodically, especially for patients who are in for longer periods.”

MAIN Photography competition inspires at CBIR - AlexAlex’s winning picture is of Tia, a Weimaraner. Alex said, “This photo was taken on a lovely autumn day whilst on a walk passed the River Tay and Birnam Oak in Dunkeld.

“I love taking photos when out on walks as it’s a great way to capture the scenery we have around us and an easy way to look back on fun memories. I enjoy taking part in the photograph competitions and I definitely continue to enter. I enjoy seeing everyone else’s photos too!”

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