Digital Health Product Forge

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Europe’s biggest health ‘hackathon’ will take place in Edinburgh in February.

Hosted in partnership with NSS, the four-day Digital Health Product Forge will unite entrepreneurs, health professionals and the tech community with the aim of creating visionary digital health products.

The event will provide the perfect opportunity for clinicians, nurses, EMTs and academics to collaborate with a community of entrepreneurs to tackle some of the world’s biggest health issues.

A team of expert mentors from Europe’s pioneering Health and Technology organisations will guide you through the whole process from finding the right teammates to developing a winning pitch.

You don’t need previous experience of hackathons and you don’t need to be technical; if you are passionate about making positive change and eager to learn how to truly innovate, this event will leave you equipped will the mindset, teammates and tools for disruption.

Find out more and book your place here

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