CT scanner unveiled in radiotherapy department in Ninewells Hospital

MAIN New CT scanner at Ninewells.jpg

A new CT scanner has been unveiled at the Radiotherapy Department in Ninewells Hospital.

A decorative ceiling has also been placed above the new equipment, which aims to soothe patients during their scan. The ceiling image was made possible thanks to fundraising efforts from local patients and their families.

Former patients and family members joined staff from the radiotherapy department to officially unveil the scanner and ceiling image at a celebration event.

The CT scanner, which is a Cannon Aquillion WB CT scanner, is already being used during patient appointments.

Head of Therapeutic Radiography Gareth Hill said, “This new equipment will allow us to continue to help local patients and ensure that planning of the radiotherapy is both accurate and reproducible.

“We are also very grateful to all those people who raised money so that we could install the decorative ceiling. We know that getting a CT scan can sometimes feel like a daunting experience for patients and we hope that the ceiling creates a more relaxed environment to help calm any nerves patients may have.”

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