Celebrating NHS Tayside’s Equality and Diversity Champions

Margaret Dunning and Santosh Chima at the event

A celebration event was held to mark the success of NHS Tayside’s equality and diversity champion programme.

The programme was launched 12 years ago and gives members of the staff the opportunity to become equality and diversity champions, a role which involves promoting equality, respect and diversity within the organisation.

Six equality and diversity champions talked about what the role mean to them and how being a champion has a positive impact on their teams and work environment.

Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance Margaret Dunning, who opened the event, said, “The equality and diversity champion programme started in 2006 and we now have 272 champions across Tayside. The evaluation of the champion’s role tells us that it empowers staff to challenge behaviours and promote a positive culture within NHS Tayside.”

Head of Corporate Equalities Santosh Chima added, “NHS Tayside is committed to moving towards a culture where every member of staff feels valued, respected and recognised for the contribution they make. We also want to ensure that our patients are treated with dignity and respect.

“We value people and the way we communicate and it’s important to think about how we do this. It shouldn’t be an add on. I want to give my thanks to every one of the equality and diversity champions for their hard work and commitment.”

The team is on the lookout for new champions and training programmes are scheduled for February, May and September in Ninewells Hospital.

If you are interested in becoming an equality and diversity champion, please contact

Shona Ritchie on x36954 or shona.ritchie@nhs.net or Santosh Chima on x36950 or schima@nhs.net


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