Help us stop the spread of flu this winter

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We need everyone to help prevent the spread of flu this winter!  Make sure you protect yourself and our patients by getting your free flu jab.

Almost 5500 of our staff have already been vaccinated against flu. Have you?

It is the single most important thing you can do to stop the spread of flu in our hospitals and communities.

If you haven’t had the vaccine yet and have concerns about it please watch the video below to get the facts about flu.

We’re working to add additional opportunities for vaccination so please get your jab early and help us prepare for winter.

Details of clinics for staff and volunteers are listed below.  You can also contact your local community pharmacies to arrange a vaccination – please remember to bring your staff ID badge.

Staff are asked where possible to wear short or loose sleeved clothing when you go for your vaccination and you can also complete a consent form to take with you to help save time in the clinic.

If you are in an at-risk group and have been vaccinated at your GP surgery we would appreciate if you could please let us know by completing our data collection form. This means we can add you to our uptake figures and get a more accurate picture of how many of our staff are protected against flu.

For further information on the flu campaign, please visit Staffnet | Immunisations | Seasonal Flu or

MAIN Have you had your flu jab yet - flu bee imageFor a fun way to get more information why not play our Flu Bee Game. It will help you learn more about the vaccine and where you can get it in Tayside.

You can play on your phone, computer, laptop or tablet. It does not need to be downloaded to your device and no personal information is collected in the game.

It only takes a few minutes and it’s fun!

Don’t forget to share your score with colleagues and challenge them to beat you.

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