NHSScotland Global Citizenship Programme

SIDE NHSScotland Global Citizenship Programme

A new website has been set up to share information and resources on the NHSScotland Global Citizenship Programme.

The main aim of the programme is to encourage, support and nationally co-ordinate NHS Scotland staff and volunteers’ involvement in global health work.

The Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit was launched in June 2018 to support the development and implementation of the programme by helping to identify opportunities, volunteers and gathering intelligence and information.

As part of this work a new website, www.scottishglobalhealth.org, has been set up to share progress about the programme and share the information and resources being developed.

NHS Tayside’s Chairman John Brown chairs the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme Board.

John said, “Across NHS Scotland we recognise our responsibility to be good Global Citizens and want to contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“For many years staff from a wide range of services in NHS Scotland have made a significant personal and professional contribution to global health work in developing countries.  I want to ensure we recognise, celebrate and build on that work. We’ve been listening to those volunteers and discussing how we can best support them.

“This valuable work not only helps to reduce common challenges such a disease epidemics, but also provides mutual learning opportunities for our NHS staff which benefits the people of Scotland.”

There are a number of people in NHS Tayside and Dundee University making a substantial contribution to this work. NHS Tayside’s Board Champion is Mary Colvin. Staff interested in the Global Citizenship Programme can contact Mary by email at mary.colvin@nhs.net


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