Raising awareness of tuberculosis

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A group of medical and public health staff from NHS Tayside visited a Dundee pub to raise awareness of tuberculosis (TB).

The team spent a morning at The Counting House in the city centre where they chatted to customers and staff, sharing information about the disease, how it can be spread and what the signs and symptoms are, as well as offering blood tests to check for TB infection.

Although often seen as a disease of the past, around ten million people globally are affected with TB every year.  NHS Tayside is keen to raise awareness that TB is fully curable and help people recognise the symptoms so they can access healthcare promptly for diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms of TB include persistent cough, fever, tiredness, night sweats, weight loss and loss of appetite.  Anyone experiencing these symptoms should contact their GP.

Consultant in public health medicine Dr Daniel Chandler said, “This was a very successful event which gave us the opportunity to spend time engaging with members of the public, sharing information about TB infection and providing blood tests.

“It also gave members of the public an opportunity to ask questions about TB and allowed them time to discuss any concerns.

“We would like to thank the management and staff at The Counting House, JD Wetherspoon in Dundee for allowing us to visit and use their premises for this event.”

Consultant physician in respiratory medicine Dr David Connell said, “Tuberculosis isn’t beaten yet, and it’s really important that people in Tayside are aware of the symptoms.

“We wanted to use an innovative approach to reach out to the community, and part of this involves collaborations and team-working within NHS Tayside between respiratory medicine, infectious diseases and public health.”

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l-r senior specialist health protection nurse Margaret Ramsay, respiratory consultant Dr Helen Liddicoat, Dr Daniel Chandler, specialist registrar in public health medicine Dr Fiona Scott and specialist registrar in infectious diseases Dr Aline Wilson

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