Dylan the therapy dog visits Murray Royal

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Staff at Murray Royal Hospital were treated to a visit by therapy dog Dylan recently.

Physiotherapy activities support officer Fin McDonald was on a Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) course with his colleagues from Adult Mental Health and brought his dog Dylan along as part of his presentation on therapy pets.

Dylan is well known on the wards at Carseview and in the Day Service at Dundonald where he is a big hit with the patients.  He also goes out with Fin into the community where a lot of physiotherapy activity sessions take place, including Kirkton and Ardler Community Centres, Harestane Hydrotherapy and Lochee Leisure Centre.

General Adult Psychiatry physiotherapy team lead Gill McDonald said, “Dylan can often sense when someone is distressed or feeling low and makes his way to the patient where a lot of non verbal communication happens.  Many people find it soothing to pet a dog and the interaction between Dylan and the patient is quite something to watch.”

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